Commercial Arbitration

I have been a Certified Arbitrator for over 15 years. My experience as a commercial litigator has allowed me to develop an extensive background in both commercial law and civil litigation procedures.

Although I tend to focus on commercial arbitration, I have arbitrated a number of other civil disputes. My procedural background is applicable to any form of civil dispute, and I have an excellent working knowledge of other areas of civil law. For example, I work with National Arbitration and Mediation (NAM) as an arbitrator presiding over any type of claims filed by passengers against cruise lines. And, if the controversy truly presents novel legal issues, I read everything presented thoroughly and I am a very quick learner.

Unlike mediation, an arbitrator is a fact finder and referee. My arbitration philosophy and practice is to allow the litigants and their attorneys to have the option to determine the scope and applicability of the rules of evidence and procedure. Once the parties agree, I apply them with the utmost impartiality. I always issue a written opinion explaining my rulings so the litigants will know the basis for my ruling.